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Acne Skin Treatments 5 Tips on Getting Rid of Acne

Acne Skin Treatments

Before you visit a dermatologist, there is much that you can do for your acne skin. Of course, remember that what works for someone else may not always work for you. Everyone’s skin is different in the first place and the cause of acne may not also be the same. You can always start off […]

5 Tips on Getting Rid of Acne

There are many different causes for acne. The complication is not in knowing why acne occurs, it is identifying the ultimate cause for each person that has it and then figuring out the appropriate treatment for the condition. There is some good news in light of all of this. That is that there are some […]

Introduction to Acne Problems

Acne is the most common skin disorder with over 10% of people aged 25 – 44 suffering from acne at some point, and over 85% of people aged 12 – 25 experiencing acne at some time. Importantly, acne can become infected if ignored, creating scars, and pockmarks that become permanent blemishes on your face. I […]

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Adult Acne

You breezed through your teenage years with a zit or two and never thought about it. Now you look into the mirror in horror. What happened? How is it possible to develop acne in your mid 30’s, isn’t this supposed to happen to teenagers? You find yourself embarrassed and confused. The unfair fact is that […]

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Acne in Adolescents

Acne is one of the most common problems in adolescent teens affecting nearly seventeen million people in the United States. Acne is nothing but a disorder involving sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Acne results from the clogging of sebaceous glands leading to the formation of pimples and cysts. The condition usually begins with the onset […]

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Acne Treatments – Top Nine Remedies

Here are arguably the top nine acne treatments … Most people want to get rid of acne forever, and never be bothered with zits and blackheads again. The problem can be embarrassing and hard to control, especially among teenagers, who almost always suffer from some sort of acne. Acne is a part of adolescence and […]

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Acne Treatment – Prescription Medicines

While it is true that in most cases acne can be safely and effectively treated with over the counter treatments any time you have an unusual skin condition it is advisable to consult a dermatologist. The doctor can provide you with valuable advice on treating the condition even if it is only acne. Severe acne […]

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Teen Acne

Acne is painful – on the inside. We live in a culture where not just youth, but beauty is worshipped. It’s everywhere and you can’t escape it. The results of having acne can be emotionally devastating for teenagers as they are extremely conscious of their appearance and their image. Even though they feel they suffer […]

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